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Volume 150/Issue 2 - Middle Earth News

About Volume 150/Issue 2

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Volume 150/Issue 2

Circulation: One thousand two hundred and thirty-six Welcome all!

Note from the Mods: Please encourage friends on your friends list to join and send their news. If you have an announcement you would like to make, a fic you'd like to promote, a question you'd like to ask, we invite you to simply format it according to the rules on the info page and email it to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com. You do not have to be a member to post but we are an open community and encourage everyone to join now. Only the mods may initiate new posts but comments are encouraged.


From The Scotsman:
Scots island home that inspired Lord of the Rings for sale
The Hebridean house said to have inspired JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings has gone up for sale. The author holidayed at Howlin House on Eigg with the stunning views of the island of Rum said to have inspired the famous tale of Middle Earth. [Read more]
Note from the Mods: We would like to invite the moderators of other fandom communities to become 'reporters' or 'scouts' for middleearthnews. All we ask is that you send us formatted updates on your own communities for posting here.

The current challenge at tolkien_weekly is Reasons to be Cheerful: Dreams

From silwritersguild:
One Week Left in the Taboo Challenge!
This is a friendly reminder that there is one week left in the Taboo challenge! Choose one, multiple, a row, or an entire card of prompts from our Taboo bingo card. Taboo challenge stories are due on the SWG archive no later than February 10, 2017, in order to be eligible to receive a stamp for that month. That's one week away!

Of course, if inspiration strikes you after the 10th, you are welcome to continue using the challenge bingo card, but late entries will not receive stamps.

Click here for the full challenge description and challenge guidelines.
From hobbit_kink:
RPF prompt post #3
Prompt post #19
From lotricons:
February calendars (Frodo, Sam) by ladyithildiel

From AO3 - Archive of Our Own:
-- TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works
-- Lord of the Rings - All Media Types
-- Lord of the Rings RPF -- The Hobbit - All Media Types
-- The Hobbit - Jackson movies
-- The Hobbit (2012) RPF
-- The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
* Via the TORn forums:
List of the most unnecessary or worst jobs in Middle-earth
I’ll start:
A shoe salesman in Hobbiton
A gardener in Khazad-dum
Barkeep at the Forsaken Inn
Barnacle scraper at the Grey Havens

Add yours...
Your friendly middleearthnews mods are constantly on the lookout for all things LotR-related, from fics to fandom events, comics to current news. Make them happy by emailing them at middle_earth_news@yahoo.com.
From Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien Blog:
Before the Numenoreans Came
Things in Middle-earth changed radically as a result of the War of Wrath. The war lasted about 42 years, beginning in the year 545 of the First Age and ending in the year 587. During that time huge parts of Middle-earth — Beleriand, the far northern lands, the inland sea of Helcar — were ruined or reshaped. In Morgoth’s Ring Christopher Tolkien presents a previously unpublished essay by his father which ponders the motives of the various forces in the Silmarillion.
Friday's BOOK question: Who was Balin's father?
Answer: Fundin.

lignota, juliebeth, gilli_ann, frolijahfan, msilverstar and fredbassett answered correctly.

Today's MOVIE question contributed by special_majick: Which elf says "Isengard has been unleashed" when Saruman's army heads for Rohan?

All comments are screened so that only the mods can see the answers. Comments will be unscreened when the next edition is posted. Any comments on a different subject will be unscreened ASAP.

The mods would like to wish anyone having a special day the very best. Please send your special wishes to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com.
(Link contributions are welcome)

From ROFLrazzi:
That's it for this edition. Please send your formatted post for Friday's edition by 8:00 a.m. (Eastern time) to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com. Thanks for joining us and tell your friends!
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