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Volume 101 / Issue 8 - Middle Earth News

About Volume 101 / Issue 8

Previous Entry Volume 101 / Issue 8 Jan. 18th, 2013 @ 03:04 pm Next Entry
Volume 101/Issue 8
    Circulation: One thousand, one hundred and thirteen. Welcome all!

    Note from the Mods: Please encourage friends on your friends list to join and send their news. If you have an announcement you would like to make, a fic you’d like to promote, a question you’d like to ask, we invite you to simply format it according to the rules on the info page and email it to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com. You do not have to be a member to post but we are an open community and encourage everyone to join now. Only the mods may initiate new posts but comments are encouraged.
    From TORn:
    Happy Hobbit: Blackberry Wine – Episode 10 - Can Kili bottle the “Scolded Old Lady” fast enough for the Elven King? Watch to find out, and you just might learn a thing or two about brewing wine! [Happy Hobbit: Blackberry Wine - Episode 10] [Recipe]

    Hotels during our ‘The One Expected Party’ are almost sold out - For those of you coming to Hollywood for this party, especially those of you from outside the Southern California area, you already know you need a hotel. But I’d like to make sure all you locals are able to take advantage of these great deals we have with these hotels. After all, with the closure…

    Letteri talks Weta Digital’s work on ‘The Hobbit’ (video) - Joe Letteri has helmed Weta Digital to work on three films with visual effects Oscar nominations in this year’s Academy Awards. Its work on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” is the only film that had all the work done in one place while his team contributed to “The Avengers,” and “Prometheus.” The work done on…
      mucun my pic page ("LotR Sam/Frodo Slash Fanart" ... Not Work Safe!)

      alexcat Like a Gondorian Whore (Celeborn/OCM, Rating: NC-17) and Brothers in Arms (Aragorn/Boromir, Rating: NC-17, 'Perhaps that is all that made any of us fit for it... Love.' I cried every chapter and cry still when I read it)

      rubyelf Surrender (Part 3 Of 3) (Boromir/Merry/Pippin, RATING: R, After the party's discouraging defeat on Caradhras, Boromir recognizes the Fellowship's wariness and their fear of his betrayal... well, except for two of them)

      Links from mews1945:
      -- lbilover A charming romantic story in which Frodo has plans that include a poetry-reading society, and a method of insuring that the society will soon be reduced to two members. F/S. The Immortal Poets Society
      -- curiouswombat Two drabbles for Tolkien Weekly. Legolas. It Takes Two. Father and Son
      Thanks, Mews!
      Via TORn Forums: Movie Discussion - The Hobbit
      Dwarf beards and lifecycles - There has been a decent amount of discussion related to dwarves and their beards (especially the debate with two characters in particular about whether or not you could call it a beard) so I thought I would post my take on each character and their beard styles. Feel free to provide some insights of your own too :) I will start with the "controversial" beards, aka Kili and Fili's …
      • Our deepest modly thanks to those of you who continue to send in content for the newsletter. Thank you so much. We couldn't do this without you.
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