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Volume 101/Issue 13 - Middle Earth News

About Volume 101/Issue 13

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Volume 101/Issue 13

Circulation: One thousand, one hundred and twenty-five. Welcome all!

Note from the Mods: Please encourage friends on your friends list to join and send their news. If you have an announcement you would like to make, a fic you'd like to promote, a question you'd like to ask, we invite you to simply format it according to the rules on the info page and email it to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com. You do not have to be a member to post but we are an open community and encourage everyone to join now. Only the mods may initiate new posts but comments are encouraged.


From TORn:
Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop’s Chronicles: Creatures and Characters
On the heels of one of the best art books for a film that I’ve had the chance to add to my personal collection Weta Workshop has announced a second book to their art book range for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The second art book for The Hobbit covers the many creatures and characters that help populate Sir Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the first of three movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.
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TORn Message Boards Weekly Roundup – January 27, 2013
Welcome to our collection of TORn’s hottest topics for the past week. If you’ve fallen behind on what’s happening on the Message Boards, here’s a great way to catch the highlights. Or if you’re new to TORn and want to enjoy some great conversations, just follow the links to some of our most popular discussions.
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Richard Taylor, John Rhys-Davies tied to ‘Glastonbury’ film
Richard Taylor and John Rhys-Davies are both connected to the film project “Glastonbury: Isle of Light,” which is in development. Taylor is in place as part of the team that handles design, production and marketing that also includes Star Wars casting director Robin Gurland.
[Read more]

Possible fake ‘Hobbit’ DVD cover making the internet rounds
A cover for the DVD and Blu-ray version of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” has been making the rounds on the internet. The design, as you can see, features Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins as the most prominent figure with Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield close behind.
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Note from the Mods: We would like to invite the moderators of other fandom communities to become 'reporters' or 'scouts' for middleearthnews. All we ask is that you send us formatted updates on your own communities for posting here.

* tolkien_weekly (drabbles) updates:
Bloodlust (Unnamed Elf; rated PG) by littlemouseno
What Once Was Fair (Goldberry, Tom Bombadil; rated G) by littlemouseno

* hobbitfilmfic updates:
Half-Breed (Bilbo/Thorin, mentions of Bofur/Kili; rated R) by _beetle_
The Perils of AutoCorrect (Aidan Turner/Dean O’Gorman; rated PG-13) by andrealyn
A Great Battle Won in Silence (Thorin/Bilbo; rated G) by mithen

* athelingas updates:
Step by Step Ch. 8/9 (Éowyn/Elgarain; rated Nc-17) by nanuk_dain

* silwritersguild updates:
Species names for Middle-earth (non-fiction) by anna_wing

* faramir_fics updates:
Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure... (Faramir/Aragorn; rated NC-17) by raven22372

* libraryofmoria updates:
Step by Step Ch. 8/9 (Éowyn/Elgarain; rated Nc-17) by nanuk_dain

* heirs_of_durin updates:
Among Bedsheets and Splinters (2/3) (Bofur/Kíli ; rated T) by iavalir
The current challenge at tolkien_weekly is Alments: Headache
From heirs_of_durin:
When I Ruled the World (Thorin-centric vid) via theladylucilla

From AO3 - Archive of Our Own:
-- TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works
-- Lord of the Rings - All Media Types
* Via the TORn forums:
Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories
Now that the great gush of Hobbit newness is over, I figure it's time to open the conspiracy cupboard once again to hear oddball, hilarious and sometimes downright frightening reasons for things that happen in Middle-earth. So here's this week's one:

We've seen him use it to illuminate ithildin letters, but what else does Lord Elrond use his crystal table for?

The One Ring...only slightly evil?
The One Ring grants powers to its users, but itself has one very useful power...shrinking and growing!

Shrink: If the Ring was truly evil, it would shrink until it sliced off the users finger. That way, no one could use it but Sauron. Shows them right!

Growth: If the Ring was truly evil, it would grow. Just grow and grow, destroying everything in its destructive wake. Trapped in a cave with Gollum? Just grow! Blow your way out of that mountain with your unbreakable Ring body! It would also have the added benefit of expanding until it reached Mirkwood/Mordor, then once Sauron touched it, shrinking back to his size.

It may mentally torment and abandon its user, but it never kills with its amazing powers. Perhaps the Ring can only shrink and grow to limited sizes though? I've never seen any information detailing its limitations.

I am new here and don't know if this was discussed at all on the LOTR forum but here goes --

What is the point of suggesting that pipeweed is a type of pot? Tolkien calls it a type of nicotiana, so we know it is tobacco and not something that gets you high.

Since pipe smoking is a part of British/English culture and is something one associates with Oxbridge dons, we know that Tolkien was not implying that all these hobbits, wizards, rangers and dwarves were smoking dope. What's the point of PJ's suggesting that they are?
From estelanui:

Rich Drushel's Parody of Appendix A,The Lord of the Rings.
Appendix: Annals of the Kings and Rules of lower Middle Earth.
Via the TORn forums:
Many TORN members participated in the first phase of The Hobbit Audience Project, which explored people's expectations and concerns about the film prior to its release. I want to sincerely thank all of those who completed the survey, and to let you know that we are working hard to analyse all of that very interesting data so that we can release a summary of key findings in the next month or so. We will post a link to this summary this on TORN.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for the second phase of our project, which is the main reception study where we are asking for people's views on the film now that so many have had the chance to see it. To help make sure the survey itself is working properly and to ensure we iron out any bugs or mistakes before going live, we are looking for a few willing beta testers from around the world to complete the survey online and give their feedback. If you would be willing to do so, please message me and I'll send you the weblink. Completing the survey and giving feedback on it will take around 30 minutes of your time, and doesn't preclude you participating in the main survey once it is up and running (although you may want to save your more detailed comments about your response to the film for the survey proper, which we are hoping will be ready to go live next week).

Many thanks in advance, I really do appreciate it!
Monday's BOOK question: In Bree, Frodo said he was writing about history and ....?
Answer: Geography.

leianora, dreamflower02, rakshi, namarielorien and frolijahfan answered correctly.

Today's MOVIE question contributed by estelle3974: Who carries a whetstone on the road to keep his blade keen?

All comments are screened so that only the mods can see the answers. Comments will be unscreened when the next edition is posted. Any comments on a different subject will be unscreened ASAP.
The mods would like to wish anyone having a special day the very best. Please send your special wishes to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com.
(Link contributions are welcome)

From Set Phasers to LOL:
That's it for this edition. Please send your formatted post for Friday’s edition by 8:00 a.m. (Eastern time) to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com. Thanks for joining us and tell your friends!
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Date:January 30th, 2013 08:18 pm (UTC)
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Date:January 30th, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
Whetstone - Aragorm 'Still not King' Telcontar. ;)
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Date:January 30th, 2013 11:20 pm (UTC)
Aragorn (although I'm sure that Legolas and Boromir had them also)
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Date:January 31st, 2013 10:22 pm (UTC)
Who carries a whetstone on the road to keep his blade keen?

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