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Volume 150/Issue 4 - Middle Earth News

About Volume 150/Issue 4

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Volume 150/Issue 4

Circulation: One thousand two hundred and thirty-six. Welcome all!

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From TORn:
Viggo Mortensen at the BAFTAs
Sunday 12th February the British Academy of Film and Television Arts held their annual film awards. Our favourite citizen of Lake-town Luke Evans was there as a presenter; and even more excitingly for Middle-earth fans, Viggo Mortensen was nominated in the Leading Actor category, for Captain Fantastic. [Read more]

Today in Middle-earth, February 14
The following event(s) took place in Middle-earth on February 14th: [Read more]
From Outlook India:
New amoeba species named after 'Lord of the Rings' character
Scientists have discovered a new species of amoeba and named it after Gandalf - a character from The Lord of the Rings franchise - due to the microorganism's resemblance to the popular wizard's hat. [Read more]
From The Daily Post:
J R R Tolkien's great-grandson begins quest on behalf of late brother dressed as Gandalf (naturally)
The great-grandson of J R R Tolkien, has begun his quest to take on a series of challenges set for him by his late brother - by heading to New Zealand dressed as Gandalf. [Read more]
Note from the Mods: We would like to invite the moderators of other fandom communities to become 'reporters' or 'scouts' for middleearthnews. All we ask is that you send us formatted updates on your own communities for posting here.
The current challenge at tolkien_weekly is Reasons To Be Cheerful: Love and Joy

From silwritersguild:
January Taboo Challenge Stories
Aftermath by Lyra. After the Darkening, Nerdanel struggles to pick up the pieces of her life - a difficult job with the legacy her husband has left her.

Assignation by Dawn Felagund. When Turgon discovers a forbidden affair between his sister Aredhel and cousin Curufin, he has all intentions of telling his father. But Aredhel and his cousins devise a way to keep safe the secrecy of an affair that will span ages. Aredhel/Curufin/Celegorm

By Any Other Name by Tyelca. After Fëanor’s death, Curufin writes a letter to his father and ponders with which name to sign.

Dancing in the Dark by Grundy. History remembers Curufin as the villain. There are a few who think better of him.

Decisions by Silver Trails. Caranthir tries to understand his feelings.

Hymn to Disturbia by Tyelca. Gondolin falls, and Maeglin has one last mission to fulfill: kill Tuor and claim Idril as his own.

In Between by Himring. Thengel of Rohan and Morwen of Lossarnach had two daughters that were born in Gondor, before Thengel's father died and he returned to Rohan to take up the kingship. Such a daughter might have found it easy to adjust--or she might not...

Long Pork by Fernstrike. Galadriel attends the wedding of Beren and Luthien, newly returned from their journey to Angband. There, a roast boar is cause for the resurgence of old, bad memories - and consideration of what truly makes one an outsider in Doriath.

Mirror Image by Tyelca. Curufin is troubled, and Fëanor decides to talk to him. Fluff!

My Heart on My Skin by Oshun. Fingon wants a graphic symbol of his love. In this world—Tirion, Age of the Trees, my personal canon—Fingon is in a committed relationship. He is of age, although barely, and his cousin Finrod (Ingo herein) is only a few years younger. But despite youth and questionable judgment, Fingon is his own man and does not need this ploy to attract and hold the attention of his beloved. (But Fingon never gets tired of trying ever more extreme stunts to prove his love to Maedhros.)

Ostracism and exile by hennethgalad. the first meeting of Voronwë and Tuor.

Pariahs by LadyBrooke. The Sindar will not conform, in names, trust, or Kings. Elu, Nimloth, and Oropher are reborn rulers in a society that sees them as primatives.

Religious Taboos by hennethgalad. Tuor tells his son that he will sail with Idril to Valinor.

Sexual Deviance by hennethgalad. Tuor seeks the aid of Voronwë in preparing for his wedding.

Solitude by Erulisse. It is written that Melkor was imprisoned in the depths of Mandos for Three Aeons after his capture in Middle Earth. Studies in modern times have proven that true solitary confinement leads to madness and that interaction with others is essential to mental stability and healing. Yet, Melkor sat isolated and alone - was he already insane, or did his extreme solitude tip the balance and plunge him into deeper madness. I present a conversation between Melkor and Namo written for the Taboo challenge categories of Murder, Cannibalism, Ostracism and Exile and Consequences.

Stigma by hennethgalad. Tuor is helped to fit in in Gondolin.

Table Manners by hennethgalad. Maeglin is envious of the beauty of Tuor.

Taboos Were Made To Be Broken by Kaylee Arafinwiel. A collection of Silmfic written for SWG’s January 2017 ‘Taboo’ prompts. Some will be co-written with, or perhaps solely written by, my co-author and dear friend Emma, and those will be noted.

The End of All Things by Tyelca. An Orc dies; what happens when he wakes up again in the Halls of Mandos and is forced to remember that he too belonged to the race of the Eldar?

The Vala, the Hound and the Elfling by Tyelca. Of how Huan came to be in Celegorm's care. Features a Vala without a sense of time, a puppy that does not yet know how to behave, and a curious little Elfling wanting to speak with birds and foxes.
From hobbit_kink:
RPF prompt post #3
Prompt post #19
From AO3 - Archive of Our Own:
-- TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works
-- Lord of the Rings - All Media Types
-- Lord of the Rings RPF -- The Hobbit - All Media Types
-- The Hobbit - Jackson movies
-- The Hobbit (2012) RPF
-- The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
* Via the TORn forums:
How do you think these movies have dated?
In my opinion I think that they have dated very well because of the lack of cgi. Even Gollum looks ready good 15 years later.
Your friendly middleearthnews mods are constantly on the lookout for all things LotR-related, from fics to fandom events, comics to current news. Make them happy by emailing them at middle_earth_news@yahoo.com.
From estelanui:
What types of New World plants were there in Middle-earth, and how did they get there?
A curious feature of Middle-earth is the fact that certain plants seem to grow there that really shouldn't. These are New World plants; crops, herbs, fruit and vegetables that weren't seen in the Old World before a few hundred years ago. In Tolkien's fiction, Middle-earth represents the Old World as it was millennia earlier than this, so in principle these plants shouldn't exist there. Especially with the release of the movie (and some related comments in the Movie-goer's Guide to The Fellowship of the Ring) there's been a lot of interest in these curiosities. Here, then, is a brief trip through the anomalous botany of Middle-earth.
Friday's BOOK question: What is the name of the only crossing of the River Hoarwell?
Answer: The Last Bridge.

engarian and elwenlj answered correctly.

Today's MOVIE question contributed by special_majick: How many sides does the deep well in Balin's tomb have?

All comments are screened so that only the mods can see the answers. Comments will be unscreened when the next edition is posted. Any comments on a different subject will be unscreened ASAP.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fredbassett, AND HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, kenazfiction!

♥ ♥ ♥

The mods would like to wish anyone having a special day the very best. Please send your special wishes to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com.
(Link contributions are welcome)

From ROFLrazzi:
That's it for this edition. Please send your formatted post for Friday's edition by 8:00 a.m. (Eastern time) to middle_earth_news@yahoo.com. Thanks for joining us and tell your friends!
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Date:February 14th, 2017 05:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the birthday wishes!
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Date:February 16th, 2017 12:06 am (UTC)
Six sides to the well in the room holding Balin's Tomb.

- Erulisse (one L)
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