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Volume 182/Issue 6

Volume 182/Issue 6

Circulation: One thousand, one hundred and eighty-five. Welcome all!

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From tolkien100:
From silwritersguild:
    ~October Challenge: Start to Finish
    For this month's challenge, choose one of the famous first lines from the list below and use it to start your story. If you are creating a fanwork other than writing, you may use one of the first lines to inspire your fanwork. Challenge entries are due by November 10 in order to receive a stamp. As always, late entries are welcome but do not receive stamps. [More]

From AO3 - Archive of Our Own:

From TOR:
    ~Exploring the People of Middle-earth: Elrond Half-elven, Healer of Rivendell
    Elrond is one of those characters who just seems to have a finger in every pie. He's the son of Eärendil, one of Middle-earth's icons, and is thus the descendant of a Maia (Melian) and a number of legendary figures, including Beren and Lúthien. He's ruled Imladris for many lifetimes of men; he married the daughter of Galadriel, the most powerful Eldar of the Third Age; he played foster-parent to the majority of the heirs of Elendil; his brother founded the Númenorean line; and his daughter marries the returning king of Gondor and Arnor. On the other hand, however, Elrond never lands the starring role. [More]

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From Ask About Middle-earth:
    ~Silver in Valinor: "Telpe" vs "Tyelpe"
    It could really go either way. The problem is that both "telpe" and "tyelpe" were used by Quenya-speakers to refer to silver (Celebrimbor's name means "silver-fisted"). [More]

Tuesday's MOVIE question: Who, upon Orlando Bloom's arrival in a local bar, gave him an affectionate head-butt that left a bright-red mark sufficient to infuriate his makeup team the following day?

Answer: Sala Baker (not surprisingly, at Viggo Mortensen's urging).

noadvertising was absolutely correct!

Today's BOOK question from estelanui: What was the name of the power wielded by Gandalf, which was possibly an allusion to the white light of the sun, and a symbol of the Secret Fire?

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From Snartha:
By MJ Alexander
By MJ Alexander
By MJ Alexander
By MJ Alexander

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