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Volume 194/Issue 2

Volume 194/Issue 2

Circulation: One thousand one hundred and eighty-nine. Welcome all!

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From TORn:
Today in Middle-earth, October 20
The following event(s) took place in Middle-earth on October 20: [Read more]
From The Oxford Mail:
Eagle and Child pub could stay closed until 2022
ONE of Oxford's most historic pubs may not reopen until the spring of 2022, it has been revealed.

The Eagle and Child on St Giles closed before lockdown to undergo renovations so it could be used as a hotel as well as a pub. [Read more]
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The current challenge at tolkien_weekly is Farming: Corn

The current challenge at tolkien100 is Leaves of Gold.

From hobbit_kink:
RPF prompt post #3
Prompt post #19
From AO3 - Archive of Our Own:
-- TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works
-- Lord of the Rings - All Media Types
-- Lord of the Rings RPF -- The Hobbit - All Media Types
-- The Hobbit - Jackson movies
-- The Hobbit (2012) RPF
-- The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
* Via /r/Tolkienfans:
I do wonder what a Tolkien approved adaptation would look like
Hopefully this post won’t be taken down, as it’s not about any existing adaptations, but just the hypothetical that Tolkien could have lived to see an adaptation that he approved of.

Frankly, I feel like it would be VERY long and detailed. But something to keep in mind is that Tolkien was a writer of books, not screenplays, and I don’t know if he would realize how much adaptations have to change.

But with that being said, it is something I would wish to see if it ever existed.
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From Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien Blog:
How High Was Weathertop?
As a World War I Signals Officer I don’t know how much Tolkien would have needed to train in the use and making of maps, especially terrain maps showing elevations. In his letters he occasionally complains that he is terrible at making maps and nearly all of the published maps in the Tolkien books were in fact redrawn by his son Christopher. In any event JRRT did not publish elevation maps, so it seems unlikely he spent much time calculating elevations.
The lack of evidence for the computation of elevations makes it extremely difficult to justify any calculations.
Today's MOVIE question contributed by elycia: Who, upon Orlando Bloom's arrival in a local bar, gave him an affectionate head-butt that left a bright-red mark sufficient to infuriate his makeup team the following day?

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From LotR Memes:
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